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2 Frame Manual Honey Extractor

$200 Plus Shipping

A high quality, economical extractor, this stainless steel COMPACT fits the bill. The gears are metal with a 3:1 ratio and is very easy to crank. Highly polished stainless steel, this compact extractor is a bargain for even the smallest beekeeper.

All the tools needed for a hobby beekeeper to harvest their honey (except the extractor)!

Kit includes a 5 gallon pail with gate, stainless steel double honey sieve, stainless steel capping scratcher, cold uncapping knife, 5 gallon mesh filter bag and a comb capper (a handy tool that rests on the side of a 5 gallon bucket that allows for you to easily uncap your comb).

Honey Harvesting Kit   

$110 Plus Shipping

Refractometer With Automatic Temp        

$79.95 Plus Shipping


Scale range 12.0 to 30.0%, Minimum scale 0.1%, contains a temperature compensation scale; Dimensions are 4 cm x 4 cm x 17 cm.

6 Frame Stainless Steel

Manual Honey Extractor

$595 Plus Shipping

Extract 6 of either size frame (5 3/8" or 6 1/4"). The legs get it up off the floor and make it a breeze to secure to the floor.

The steel helical gear drive box makes this extractor very easy to crank and is heavy duty.

Please note that this product is only available using ground shipping. Any other products in your order will also ship by ground.



Clears supers fast without foul odors or chemical residues. A natural, non-toxic blend of oils & herbal extracts. Best results will be obtained on a sunny day, when the sun can heat the fume board. The super should be cleared in 2 to 5 minutes. Clear, detailed instructions for use are sent with each bottle. Use with fume board.

Fume Board


Used with Bee-Quick, spritz felt lining with Bee-Quick to clear Supers.

Comb Capper


Plus Shipping


A handy tool that rests on the top of a 5 gallon bucket that allows for easy uncapping a frame of honeycomb. Fits any standard 5 gallon bucket. Underside recessed arch provides added stability. Hands-free capability allows user to walk away while frame sits securely in place. Made of durable 20% glass filled polypropylene resin. Low cost alternative to existing uncapping units. Manufactured in the USA and dishwasher safe.

Stainless Steel  Double Sieve


Plus Shipping


Metal Double Honey Sieve, For Straining Honey, Sits on Top of 5 Gallon Pail.

Plastic Pail with Honey Gate


5 gallon bucket with gate

Electric Uncapping Knife Non-adjustable


Electric uncapping knife. Single temperature setting.

Cold Uncapping Knife


Our non-electric uncapping knife.

Uncapping is easy with this cold uncapping knife. To use simply heat the blade in hot water between cuts. The heat helps cut through stubborn beeswax.

To speed up the uncapping process, purchase 2 cold uncapping knives and switch them out in hot water when one gets cold.

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