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2016 Package Bees for Sale

Please NOTE:

In the event of severe, cold or unexpected weather - Pickup Dates are subject to Change!!!


Each spring we offer package bees, nuc's and queens for sale to beginners and those beekeepers wanting to increase their number of hives.

The 2016 Package Bee season.

We are now reserving packages for the spring of 2016

3# Package of bees with a young mated Italian-Hygienic Queen. (Marked)

Priced at $100. (The actual weight may vary slightly)

The First Package delivery is scheduled on Friday April 1st, and Saturday April 2nd 2016.

The Second Package delivery is scheduled from 10 until 12 noon, on Saturday the 16th of April 2016.

The Third Package delivery is scheduled from 10 until 12 noon, on Saturday the 30th of April 2016.

As always in the event of bad weather the pick up date may change slightly.

To reserve or pay for your package(s) you can either mail your payment to us, or use the Paypal link above.

**** Terms of Order:

You must select a pickup date when ordering.  Once your payment is received an order confirmation will be sent (within 7 days) with pickup details.

****No refunds for no shows.**  Bees become your responsibility at time of pickup. No guarantees are implied.

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To reserve your 2016 package bees with a Marked Queen. # 3 Package Bees $ 100 Click Here
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Extra Queen $ 25/30n