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10” Stainless steel - This hive tool is made of high quality stainless steel to give a lifetime of use. It has one tapered flat end for prying and removing frames and one curved end for scraping.

10” Stainless steel J Hook end is used for prying frames out of supers. Opposite end is used for scraping.

Smoker 4 x 10 Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel Smoker with Shield. Perfect for beekeepers who spend long hours in the bee yard and those who use "hotter burning" fuels.




Bee Brush

A soft, nylon bristle brush ideal for gently sweeping bees off of a frame or into a nuc box when hiving a swarm.


Frame Grip

Heavy duty frame grip for loosening and lifting frames out of hives. Single-handed operation.

Frame Cleaning Tool

A handy, economical tool to clean the grooves in frames. Makes removing propolis and wax build up quick and easy.



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